diy tips for home renovators

Eager to increase the value of your house, but don’t want to spend a squillion dollars? Lucky for you, renovating on a shoe string is possible with a little innovation. Without the necessary planning however, your DIY budget can quickly spiral out of control. By sticking to a tight budget you’ll make sure you don’t end up out of pocket and can enjoy a decent return on your investment. No need to spend an arm and a leg – plan ahead and follow these 5 cost-cutting …

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Are you ready to sell your home? It’s a big step! Preparing your home for sale can be a lot of work, especially if you are hoping to sell your home fast for top dollar! A successful sale is not going to happen by luck and it certainly won’t happen overnight; it will take careful planning and knowing how to turn your house into a home that any potential buyer will not be able to resist. Here are 5 value adding …

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enjoy your garden all year round

Home gardens are a great space for relaxing, entertaining, dining and playing, but often we’re limited in how frequently we use our gardens (particularly in Melbourne winter) and consider them as summertime luxuries. In reality, there are plenty of solutions available to make the most of your garden’s style and function all year round. Pick your plants A sure-fire way to make your garden look and feel more alive during winter is to make sure you include plenty of evergreen plants and …

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all white interior design

While the reason we love all-white interior design is its simplicity, we appreciate that it can be a difficult style to translate into a functional living space (particularly with young children and fur babies!) and a room without brightly coloured feature walls or furniture can seem dull to believers of the design mantra, “BOLD is beautiful”. We believe however, that statement decor doesn’t have to be Scarlet Red Ciselé Velvet to make an impact. Here’s how to spice up your crisp, clean palette to add personality and fun …

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buying a renovators delight

Purchasing a renovation project usually carries greater risk than buying a newly built, ready-to-use, contemporary home. Like most investments, house prices fluctuate and a turn in the economy can lead to a huge fall or growth in the value of a home. If you’re looking to renovate a home in order to make a profit through resale or increase your asset value, thorough research is required not just on the house itself, but also on the surrounding suburbs, amenities and planned …

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French provincial décor is reminiscent of 17th and 18th century France, when aristocrats surrounded themselves with artisanal carved furniture, raw stone floors and grand wooden dining tables fit for a king. Once reserved for upper bourgeoisie, this timeless style is now achievable on even a modest budget – but only with the winning combination of a conservative colour palette, ornate furniture and a natural textile selection. Follow these tips for transforming your Melbourne home into a French provincial masterpiece: 1. …

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home privacy

Whether you live in the centre of a bustling city or the rolling hills of the countryside, a little privacy is always appreciated. It offers peace of mind knowing that areas of your home and garden are private spaces where you can relax away from prying eyes and nosey neighbours. Here are 6 innovative ideas for adding some privacy to your home and garden, without them becoming a fortress: 1. Custom screens Built to any shape, size and specification you want, …

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21 Dec

Using plantation shutters in Melbourne

By Bass Shutter & Blinds

Plantation shutters have an old fashion charm to them, but they can also be a modern update to your home if done properly. Whether you live in an old or new home in Melbourne plantation shutters are a great option to add some style to any home. An investment piece Plantation shutters are definitely an investment purchase, especially if you want a high quality product. While there are some cheaper options out there, more often than not they are of a much lower …

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Fashion has its own way of shifting and morphing over time, but one thing never changes about it; it’s a reflection of our personal take on life, which can also be extended to how we decorate our homes. Melbourne has become known as one of the morewell-dressed cities in the world, so it is only right that our surroundings are as fashionable as we are. You can paint the walls, or change both external and internal features, in order to …

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10 Nov

As the market for outdoor blinds continues to evolve, their uptake by Melbourne households is on the rise.Outdoor blinds are now viewed as an integral part of many Melbourne homes because they offer not only functional benefits but add visual appeal to a home. Given the a number of factors specific to Melbourne, the local market often tends to lead when it comes tooutdoor blinds and awnings, meaning they are now viewed as highly specialised products that come in a wide array of …

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