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How is Planting Your Own Food Beneficial for You?

Sowing, harvesting and consuming your own fresh produce such fruits, vegetables and herbs has many different rewards. With bare minimum, inexpensive tools, you can develop a skill that is fun and extremely useful. Growing your own food will not only save you precious money, but it will also produce foods that taste better and are packed with nutritional value that store bought produce usually lacks after being set on the rack for hours on end. It is good for health and equally great for the environment as well. If you still need motivation to grow your own little edible garden, we have compiled a list of reasons for how planting your own food is beneficial for you.

It is packed with nutrition

Unlike store bought produce, your fresh home-grown fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that not only strengthen your immune system, but also taste better! It is common knowledge that food tastes best in its rawest, freshest form and if not consumed within time, it loses taste, as well as the health benefits. When fresh foods are stored on racks all day in supermarkets, they lose their nutritional value and may not even taste as juicy and delightful.
When you plant your own produce, you decide how and when you will fertilize it and consume it. Thus, the juicy, soft cherries you pick from your own garden is a lot better than store bought alternatives.

It is great for the environment

Home-grown produce does wonders for the environment! Not only does it avoid the usage of expensive, unhealthy and environmentally harmful packaging, but it also reduces food wastage. Since you are growing your own food, you do not need to grow more than necessary, hence avoiding wastage of food. In addition to this, home-grown food significantly reduces water and air pollution since it does not need layers of chemically enhanced pesticides and herbicides.

In large grocery markets and shops, the extra produce is thrown and completely wasted instead of being distributed to the less fortunate. Home-grown food completely eliminates food wastage and ensures that nature’s resources are used safely and responsibly.

It helps you save time and money

Your grocery list will shorten considerably once you start growing your own produce. Since you are growing half the foods on the list in your front or back yard, there is no need to spend precious time or money looking through piles of produce to find the right one. The food you grow will retain the freshness, taste and nutrition and there is no need to pay for fruits or vegetables weekly when you are growing them in your garden.

It is the perfect activity for leisure time

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not just a learning experience, but it is also incredibly fun especially as a family activity. It offers a fantastic opportunity to learn gardening essentials such as garden cleanup perth and the importance of nurturing and patience. More importantly, planting your own food is also relatively inexpensive compared to store bought items and you simply need to invest in the right equipment once, instead of paying for fresh foods every week. It is an activity that keeps you on your toes and provides education, therapy, healthy foods and even essential exercise that will keep you active, happy and fresh every day.

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