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PVC shutters, useful allies to protect from light and eyes

PVC shutters, useful allies to protect from light and eyes
When you need to replace the external windows, you think first of all about the windows, but also the shutters have their important role. In particular, those made of PVC, which combine several functions: in addition to measuring light and shadow in the internal environments,

in fact they insulate from the cold and heat, protecting the windows from temperature changes and at the same time helping to reduce the energy consumption of the building, they defend over time the windows and doors increase the acoustic insulation from atmospheric agents . And they guarantee effective protection against break-ins thanks to special internal metal reinforcements.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of plastic material, the PVC shutters require reduced maintenance, while maintaining the aesthetic aspect. No subsequent painting, for example, for elements that are now available in various chromatic finishes and can also reproduce the visual effect of natural wood.

Finstral has further expanded the potential of this category of accessories by choosing for its sliding and folding shutters the innovative ForRes, an eco-sustainable material obtained by combining the traditional PVC with rice skins .

The result is a resistant and long-lasting product, whose aesthetic recalls that of wood, both visually and to the touch. Available in different shades, the blinds made with ForRes also, depending on the degree of light and air desired, can have the slats placed side by side seamlessly or separated by slits.

And they are designed to accommodate safety glass backgrounds, to extend their use. For example to screen a terracewithout precluding their view, to protect the space covered by a canopy or pergola from the wind , to separate and repair a balcony from the glances.

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