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Security shutters

The old shutters in plastic or wood were windows easily violated by the bad guys. To make these accesses to the house safe in front of the windows, railings are normally mounted. Today the traditional shutters can be replaced with effective anti-burglary models that also replace the classic railings .

These are security roller shutters made with a robust structure equipped with self-locking systems that prevent unpleasant intrusions: hooks placed between the slats of the roller shutter create locking points against the guides thus preventing break-in. In extruded aluminum, they resist weather and oxidation and can be replaced easily and in a short time, without the need for masonry.

Modern roller shutters not only offer home security, but protect from the sun, ensuring more brightness and visibility and excellent ventilation thanks to the micro – holes between one slat and another. They also act as a barrier against mosquitoes , as the micro-perforated grid between the slats prevents the passage of insects. Available in various colors and aesthetics, they adapt well to the fixtures and colors of the external walls of the house.

The Novablock safety roller shutter by Oknoplast is equipped with a patented locking system, resistant to lifting attempts from the outside thanks to an S-hook that rotates on it and locks under the guides. It promotes lighting up to three times higher than that of traditional roller shutters, ensures 10% more air circulation and prevents the entry of insects and mosquitoes.

The Novablock safety roller shutter by Oknoplast is made with extruded aluminum profiles alternating full slats with micro-perforated surfaces. Compatible with all automation mechanisms, it can be easily replaced with old roller shutters without building works and in a short time. It is available in ivory, green, gray, brown, white and wood-colored.

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