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The Best Sheds for a Backyard Garden in Hervey Bay

Sheds can provide a secure waterproof home for your garden tools and supplies. It is possible to make your backyard shed (Hervey Bay) a cozy home office if you are working from home. You will not want to have a damp, flimsy, and inaccessible shed in your compound, hum along for expert advice on how to find the best sheds for your backyard.

Types of sheds

Sheds are categorized according to the materials they are made of, i.e. wood, plastic, and metal. Wood sheds are the most popular options available, and they are the most expensive. Wooden sheds are often made from the most expensive types of wood, for example, red deal, Douglas fir, and others that in theory are supposed to be rot resistant. Sheds made from cedar are guaranteed to last for a very long time; hence they are pricey compared to other types of wood. However, even the rest of the wooden sheds can be made to last equally longer like the cedar ones by giving them a special treatment annually.

Why wooden sheds

If you choose wooden sheds in Hervey Bay, it is not without reason. You will have plenty of choices to make, and wood is highly versatile, you can easily customize or personalize to fit and match your requirements. Another advantage of wooden sheds is that you can easily DIY at home. They are easy to assemble and perform repairs when they wear out. With the right insulators, your indoors will remain cool during summer or warm during the winter season.

The only flipside of wooden sheds is the maintenance you will have to do regular maintenance which means the extra cost incurred and they are less secure compared to plastic and metallic sheds.

Metal sheds

They usually are made from steel or galvanized aluminium. Metal sheds can differ in quality with the cheaper ones being too flimsy while the most expensive ones are sturdy and less prone to rusting. After assembly, they no longer require any reasonable maintenance apart from dusting and cleaning. Also, the hinges on the doors and windows will require regular greasing to reduce friction and prolong their lifespan. The major problem with metal sheds is that they can’t retain heat inside when outside is cold and vice versa, hence not recommended for home office or backyard office. They are only suitable for housing garden tools and the likes.

Why metal sheds

They are cheap hence best for those looking to have a shed in the backyard but on a budget. Metal sheds are maintenance-free and more durable or rot-free compared to wooden sheds.

The flipside of metal sheds includes; inability to customize, it can be tricky to assemble, they will rust over time, and some are not as sturdy therefore require reinforcement. Metal sheds are not breathable; hence the inside temperature changes with outside temperatures. Condensation occurs inside if no ventilation is considered.

Plastic sheds

They are made from vinyl material and are lighter than the metal sheds. They are suitable if you are moving the shed around the compound more often. Plastic sheds are maintenance-free and easy to assemble, although they can be tricky to customize. They are durable and rust-free hence guaranteed to last for a long time, but not comparable to the metal sheds.

The flipside of plastic sheds is that they are flimsy and hard to secure. You cannot store valuable items inside.

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